Equity Home Warranty


A typical Utah homeowner spends on average $1800.

Yes, $1,800 per year on the repair of major systems and appliances in their newly acquired homes.

We at Equity Home Warranty understand your concern for unknown surprises that can come at the least opportune time for new home owners. Some repairs to your major home systems can cost five to ten times more to repair than the cost of an Equity Home Warranty policy.

We’ve created simple home warranty programs that will reduce your costs, reduce your stress, and reduce your frustration. In addition to providing homeowners with peace of mind, an Equity Home Warranty safeguards sellers and buyers alike from the expense of mechanical and appliance failures. With you, we all work together toward a common goal of providing our customers with outstanding service, no-hassel claims, and in-network service by trusted and bonded contractors with years of experience.

Unlike homeowner’s insurance which covers damage in a disaster, a home warranty pays to repair or replace appliances, air conditioning, heating, and plumbing that may break from normal wear and tear. If you are moving into a newer home or even an older home and your appliances need repairs, how will you cover these costs? Now you won’t have to worry if the refrigerator or washing machine may break within the year, or if the AC suddenly stops working in the sweltering heat. You will be protected under an Equity Home Warranty and can avoid those surprises. Enjoying your new surroundings without flinching every time you hear a strange sound coming from an appliance or system.

At Equity Home Warranty we offer several levels of coverage for your home, so you can choose the best option for you and your budget and have a small and reasonable deductible of $60 per incident for however long you choose to stay under our umbrella.

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